What a Dream Job Looks Like in 2021

As you may already know, TrainTheCrowd was just named one of the best places to work in Australia. If you’ve read about the process in getting certified as a Great Place to Work, you’ll know that every member of the team has a say on whether or not an organisation is a Great Place to Work. A lot goes into creating a workplace that everyone loves, it’s why we are proud of the following statistic: 

100%  of employees at TrainTheCrowd say it is a great place to work compared to  55%  of employees at a typical Australia-based company

Great Place to work, trainthecrowd survey result 2021

In The Economist, our founder Alice Hodgson shared the secret sauce in creating a workplace we all love going to: a combination of flexibility, family-like culture and an open dialogue where feedback is always sought and welcome. And while it may sound like a simple recipe, the key to success is in the execution.  

If I were to unpack the recipe to the dream job I have at TrainTheCrowd, here’s what it’d look like: 

It lets you get the job done while living your life 

Many companies offer flexibility in the workplace but at TrainTheCrowd, it’s offered because of a firm belief that people need to live their lives, not because that’s what employers are doing to attract talent. As an employee, we have the freedom to set our own hours to fit in doctors’ appointments, daycare pick-ups, and exercise while getting the job done. I always feel encouraged to spend time with my family or pursue my side hustles.  

It discourages politics 

Having worked in companies big and small, I’ve seen how politics can affect workplace culture. At TrainTheCrowd, it genuinely doesn’t exist. We all have a single goal – to deliver our best work.  

It puts people first 

People over profit – that’s how I feel as a member of the team. There have been many scenarios where I could’ve taken more work at the expense of my well-being, but I’ve never felt pressured to take on more work than I can handle. As a new mum, the team has been tremendously understanding of my circumstance, offering an even more flexible way of working. 

It makes you think: “I can’t believe I get paid to do this” 

For a decade of my career, I thought I’d always be destined for marketing roles. But having discovered teaching as a career option, I’m never going back. I never intended to go into training but when I stumbled upon the job ad, I couldn’t resist. Travel (pre-covid) while racking up air miles? Check. Flexible hours? Yes please. Full autonomy? Of course. Great culture? Where do I sign? There are some days I still think ‘I can’t believe I get paid to do this’. 

It trusts you to deliver results 

Like every relationship, trust is a big makeup of a dream job.  It’s having your team believe you can do the job without having to micro-manage your work or supervise when you log on or off during the day. 

These elements of a dream job may not appear on a job ad and like many things, it’s trial and error but if you persist, you’ll find your dream job and know it was worth the wait. 

Iona Yeung
A certified Salesforce instructor, she loves helping others make the most out of their marketing tools, especially Email Studio. She’s constantly looking for new ways to automate her marketing and has dozens of marketing funnels that continue to run themselves.


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