TrainTheCrowd, a consulting partner for Whatfix

We are excited to announce that TrainTheCrowd is now an official consulting partner for Whatfix, the leading digital adoption platform (DAP) that enables software users with in-app onboarding, training, and support both remote and in-office employees on enterprise software applications. With Whatfix for digital transformation, you can create in-app performance support and self-help content for your enterprise applications such as Salesforce, Microsoft Business Applications, and all major SaaS cloud and desktop and mobile applications.

Whatfix in action: Knowledge bases are built directly into the in-app experience, teams can learn at their own pace.

“Our mission is to empower people to work smarter. We are always looking for innovative ways to deliver on this mission. We believe Whatfix is the right platform to offer our clients and complement our current offerings. As companies invest more and more into cloud-based solutions, user adoption continues to be a real challenge”, says Alice Hodgson, Managing Director at TrainTheCrowd. 

With Whatfix, you can tailor experiences to specific user segments, and improve them as you learn more about their needs.

While companies engage us to assist in the initial onboarding of users, the continuous user adoption process isn’t as simple. Organizations invest resources into building new platforms and the initial onboarding and training of users to improve workflows. But once a new platform goes live, the traditional approach to end-user support is time consuming and resource heavy. It takes time for an employee to find the right team member to help them complete a process, or find the right help source at the moment of need.  

One of the challenges is that employees often become frustrated when searching for the right help at the right time – that’s where Whatfix comes in. Whatfix fills a gap in the market by helping to provide user support seamlessly.

Use pop ups to conduct interactive surveys, send friendly reminders, even make organisation-wide announcements in a few simple steps.

“Whatfix is easy to use and works across different systems and applications. I think businesses will benefit from the ability to create user-specific content and offer just-in-time support for every part of the user journey. This means users can self-service immediately by accessing support materials related to their role”, says Karen Lam, Program Manager at TrainTheCrowd.  

We are excited to partner with TrainTheCrowd – one of our first L&D partners in Australia – to empower software users to reach their true potential. Through this partnership, TTC’s customers can maximize their ROI on any enterprise software implementation with contextual onboarding, accelerated change management, and personalized training in real time. All this will be gained while boosting user productivity and technology adoption – a win-win for all!”, says Manoj Kumar VP & Global Head – Partnerships & Alliances at Whatfix.

Create effective roadmaps to progress by application experts in your own organization, and monitor their efficiency in real time.

For TrainTheCrowd, it is exciting to combine our existing instructor-led offering with a digital adoption platform such as Whatfix. The combined training solution provides companies with a powerful toolkit that overcomes the challenge of low user adoption post implementation. Employees are enabled the right help at the right time, with the ability to access Whatfix’s “virtual assistant” 24/7. 

As a Whatfix consulting partner, our team of certified Digital Adoption Experts will help companies make the switch to digital onboarding and support solutions. “Our team of Whatfix Digital Adoption certified professionals are ready to take clients on this exciting journey,” says Alice Hodgson.  

To understand how Whatfix can help your company, contact us for a demonstration of the platform. 

Iona Yeung
A certified Salesforce instructor, she loves helping others make the most out of their marketing tools, especially Email Studio. She’s constantly looking for new ways to automate her marketing and has dozens of marketing funnels that continue to run themselves.


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