Your Training Partner at Salesforce World Tour

TrainTheCrowd is a silver sponsor of Salesforce World Tour for the fourth year in a row. This year we’re changing things up (sorry no lolly stand, homemade cookies or our famous flipping tile game) and will be giving back to the community through an extension of our CrowdGiving program.


CrowdGiving is TrainTheCrowd’s philanthropic initiative allowing our employees to give one week a year to help charities of their choice. As part of the program, our founder Alice Becker and training consultant Peggy Schael donated their time and Salesforce skills to Batyr. Who are Batyr? Read more about Batyr and the inspiring work they do to engage young people in positive conversations about mental health at

Batyr had been using Salesforce for three years before deciding to revamp. They engaged an implementation partner to do the work, move them to Salesforce Lightning and add some new business processes. The partner completed under an hour of Salesforce training which wasn’t enough for the team to grasp how to perform their daily roles in the new interface. That’s where we came in.

As with many non-profit organisations, Batyr had limited Salesforce administrator resources. Just two very dedicated people providing inhouse support further to their normal roles. They were swamped with Salesforce support requests from five channels and it was hard for them to know which issues were new, open or resolved. TrainTheCrowd identified that Salesforce Cases would be a suitable solution. We explained how Cases worked and trained the System Administrators on the features and benefits to Batyr.

How We Gave Back

Together, TrainTheCrowd and Batyr configured Salesforce Cases. TrainTheCrowd then spent more CrowdGiving days to help work through the list of outstanding tasks, which included:

  • Building a suite of reports
  • Teaching the Marketing Manager how to use Campaigns more effectively
  • Training the Administrators how to customise home page layouts, list views and duplicate rules
  • Setting up our CrowdGuide training and adoption tool

Elizabeth Rouse-Bourke, one of the Salesforce Administrators at Batyr, expressed her gratitude by saying “I’d like to say a huge thank you for generously donating your time to help us over the last little while. We really, really appreciate it. You have been our Salesforce angels!”

TrainTheCrowd are inspired by the work Batyr do and the similarities in our company values. We both strive to empower and educate. TrainTheCrowd have been looking for more opportunities to support Batyr, we decided Salesforce World Tour would be fitting.

Salesforce World Tour

TrainTheCrowd will be making a donation to Batyr at Salesforce World Tour in Sydney on Wednesday 6 March 2019. How much we donate is up to you. Your throwing skills will be put to the test. Visit the TrainTheCrowd booth on the day to find out more. Our team will be there to share stories about working with Batyr, our CrowdGiving experiences and our custom Salesforce training services.

TrainTheCrowd develop and deliver user adoption programs and customised Salesforce training to support you before, during and after your implementation. We have empowered more than 14,500 people in 350 businesses across 10 countries through our core training services. These include defining your needs, developing your content and delivering you a customised training solution.

Ready to talk about your Salesforce training needs? Meet with our Sales Director, Ian MacDougall at Salesforce World Tour for a one on one discussion about your requirements or contact us today.

Interested in learning more about our user adoption success stories? Talk to our training consultants at the booth and hear their first hand experience working with Salesforce customers just like you.

Let Path Lead The Way

Want to see us in action? TrainTheCrowd’s Delivery Manager, Martin Dunn will be presenting at Salesforce World Tour in the Admin Theatre about Salesforce Path. Martin has personally trained over 2,500 Salesforce users in the last 6 years. He leads the TrainTheCrowd team of training consultants who hold 59 Salesforce instructor certifications across 7 team members and together are qualified to deliver 28 Trailhead classroom courses such as ADX201 and EEB101. It is no surprise that our most experienced instructor, Martin Dunn, was invited to share his knowledge and passion at World Tour.

Martin has implemented Path as TrainTheCrowd’s System Administrator, plus taught hundreds of course participants about its features and benefits. At World Tour he will show you how to let path lead the way and why it is important to give your end users clear direction. Learn tips and tricks, hear interesting use cases and watch a demonstration on how to setup Path in your organisation.

We look forward to talking with you at Salesforce World Tour. If you haven’t registered yet, you can do so here:

Event Details
When: Wednesday, 6 March 2019
Time: 8:00am – 6:00pm
Location: International Convention Centre, Sydney

Sarah Jenkins
Joining TrainTheCrowd in 2016, Sarah brought with her 7 years of Salesforce marketing and consulting experience. In her role of Engagement Manager, she has managed 30+ projects across 7 different industries including government, telecommunications and finance. She is unashamedly a big fan of Eurovision.


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