Tips for Remote Training Delivery

by | Feb 11, 2022 | Industry

As the world has transitioned through some interesting times recently, and shifted almost everything to virtual, we’ve been delivering more sessions remotely than ever before. Jodie Bryan is one of our training instructors, here are her tips that may assist with your own transition to delivering training remotely.

1. Control your own classroom

It’s important the meeting invite for whichever virtual platform being utilised comes from you. You don’t want to be relying on or waiting for others to join the virtual training room to let you in.

2. Don’t assume anything

Make sure all your training environments and logins are set up and ready to go. In the face to face world we could use any lags such as these to get to know our class, however in a virtual environment it’s not as easy to speak to strangers you may not be able to see – the awkward silence can become louder than a rowdy class!

3. Have a Champion available

There are always going to be questions and oftentimes some will be more challenging than others. It’s always beneficial to have a Champion in the “room” to answer those oh so business specific questions that only someone from the business would know the answer to.

4. Have a backup (or two)

It’s happened to all of us at least once – the internet drops out momentarily, or something happens to your computer audio, and next minute you’re engaging in a pantomime act to try and communicate with your audience while you fix things, or you’ve lost them all together. Always have a back up plan, whether it’s another virtual meeting platform, a mobile hotspot for an alternative internet connection, or even just having the email addresses of the participants in case you have no other way to communicate with them!

5. Understand your goal

Your goal is to ensure your class is leaving the training feeling knowledgeable, confident, and enthusiastic. Whatever obstacles are in the way, whatever changes that need to happen, take a deep breath and remember you’re the one in control, you’ve got this.

With some great lessons learned and remote training delivery takeaways, Jodie’s course was a success (as always) with some very positive feedback – “Jodie – what a session! Thank you so much for being patient and for taking the team through the content so well! Their faces lit up, they get it!!”

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