TrainTheCrowd Turns Ten

Ten Things We’ve Learned from Ten Years at TTC

by | Mar 1, 2022 | Company

TrainTheCrowd celebrated its 10th birthday this month, a decade dedicated to empowering people to do their jobs and ten years of creating dream jobs. We are in the business of helping people learn but our team also never stops learning.

To celebrate this big milestone, we asked the team what they’ve learned during their time at TrainTheCrowd:

10. Leadership
The one thing I’ve learned at TTC is that we are a product of our leadership. When the directors/managers are working alongside the team daily and are always accessible we have a sense that we are all in this together.

Stacey Swanton

9. Learn
People learn better when there is a story to relate to.

Chris Pellew

8. Attention to detail
This may be a small thing but it has been a huge thing I have learned: formatting with attention to detail. Over the last couple of years at TTC I have learned so many skills to help my documents level up!

Stephen Thorpe

7. Relationships
Every relationship you build (on or off project) adds another level of support to the project. By working together, we can use our strengths and range of skills to help our clients with their projects, working with them to overcome problems and remove blockers.

Phillip Chan

6. Learning
One thing I have learned is….. never stop learning! Whether it be product knowledge, training techniques or simply paying attention at trivia, always be thinking about gaining new skills and knowledge – you never know where or when you might be glad that you did!

Martin Dunn

5. Support
I’ve learned there is an amazing collection of training instructors all around the globe who support and foster learning among one another. It has helped to make me a better presenter and increase my product knowledge so I can share it with those I teach and mentor.

Dan Repaci

4. Consistency

I’ve been at TTC for almost three years now and I’ve learned so much about systems and organisation. When files are named and stored with consistency, it makes your day-to-day job so much easier. Same goes with processes. At TTC, everything is documented. If you need to do something, you’re never without a quick reference guide.

Iona Yeung

3. Colleagues

What I’ve learned since joining the team is that the people you work with are equally important as the job that you do. The people at TTC are so supportive of each other and are always willing to help. Whether it be in life or work, if you have a question or need advice, there is an open channel of communication.

Karen Lam

2. Collaboration
One of the best things I have learned during my time at TTC is the power of collaboration and collaborative software to help find solutions to problems. Whether someone wants to know which is the best software to use when creating video tutorials, wants to share the life changing functionality of the morph transition in PowerPoint or needs a recipe for their daughter’s birthday cake, the team at TTC have a forum and the tools to share and collaborate quickly and effectively. It’s saved my day many times already!

Tamsin Hunter

1. Delegation
I’ve learned so much in the last 10 years, it feels like TrainTheCrowd should issue me an MBA. My biggest lesson has been learning to delegate. I’ve discovered people feel more empowered when they are given full responsibility and ownership of the work they do. Plus, they enjoy the challenge of learning something new. The most rewarding part has been finding people who can do the tasks I was doing, much better than I can! I have learned the goal of a leader is to work towards making yourself redundant.

Alice Hodgson

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