Use Whatfix

You’ve invested in best-in-class technology, let us help your teams use it. We work with you to create a digital adoption strategy that will ensure your users are supported every step of the way. Let us introduce you to Whatfix, a digital adoption platform, that acts like a virtual assistant for your users and is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.   

Why a digital adoption platform?

Enterprise software adoption is proving to be a rough ride for a lot of companies, who are investing in technology but not seeing a return on investment due to low user adoption.  Driving end user adoption of enterprise applications isn’t a simple task, end user training and application support are two vital pillars of user adoption. 

Rethinking the approach to ongoing education and application support by providing users with the right help at the right time through the use of a digital adoption platform is having outstanding results including: 

  • 37% increase in user productivity   
  • 60% reduction in support queries  
  • 85% reduction in training costs   
  • 3x faster time to proficiency for new employees 

Employee Benefits

Rather than reaching out to the right colleague or spending time finding the right help documentation, employees are excited to have access to the right help at the right time, in the flow of their work.

In-app guidance
Create interactive, step-by-step tooltips that guide your users across applications. 
Learn by doing
Enable real-time learning, in the flow of work.
Provide in-app contextual Help to users in the moment of need.

Company Benefits

Organisations will be able to better understand user challenges and behaviour, plus provide each employee with a personalised learning journey.

Data driven adoption
Understand your users’ behavior to continuously optimize the experience and improve adoption.
Personalized onboarding
Introduce your users to the application with a tour of all key features.
Manage change
Better manage the impact of change by highlighting new features or processes to improve awareness and increase usage.


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