Use Whatfix

Let us introduce you to Whatfix, a digital adoption platform, that acts like a virtual assistant for your users and is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

You’ve invested in best-in-class technology, let us help your teams use it. We work with you to create a digital adoption strategy that will ensure your users are supported every step of the way.

Why Whatfix?

37% Increase in user productivity
60% Reduction in support queries
85% Reduction in training costs
Faster time to proficiency for new employees

Whatfix features

In-App Guidance Create interactive, step-by-step
tooltips that guide your users
across applications
Learn by Doing Enable real-time learning,
in the flow of work
Self-Service Provide in-app contextual help
to users in their moment of need
Data-Driven Adoption Understand your users’ behaviour
to continuously optimise the experience
and improve adoption
Personalised Onboarding Introduce your users to the application
with a tour of all key features
Manage Change Highlight new features or changes
to improve awareness and usage

How it works


Got questions? We’ve got answers.