Qualtrics training

Empower your team to make the most of your Qualtrics solution. Whether you’re brand new to Qualtrics, looking to get certified or expand your Qualtrics knowledge, our team of Qualtrics experts can deliver training to suit your business needs, so you can maximise your investment.

Benefits of instructor led Qualtrics training: 

  • Qualtrics training courses are tailored to your team’s business needs 
  • Hands on experience in a training environment   
  • Accelerated training and support with a Qualtrics expert 
  • Scheduled training at a time that suits your team  
  • Learn in-demand skills and industry best practices 

Upskill your team. Get your Qualtrics certification.

New users to Qualtrics: No pre-requisite knowledge required. Learn best practices from an expert in a Qualtrics training course that’s tailored to your business.

Teams looking to upskill: Make the most out of your investment and learn advanced techniques from an expert. Qualtrics training is suited to those who’ve taken a break from Qualtrics or looking to accelerate their learning. 

Users looking to get their Qualtrics certification: You have the knowledge but you might need a refresher on theory and concepts to get your Qualtrics certification. That’s where we can help. 


Qualtrics courses

Our courses are designed to create confident and self-sufficient teams.

Build a project using Qualtrics CoreXM
This instructor-led course is designed to build your end-to-end knowledge of the CoreXM platform. You’ll learn the tools, confidence, and best practice tips to build and maintain your research projects.
Build a CX program using Qualtrics
Designed to give you an end-to-end education on the CustomerXM platform. You’ll leave this course with the tools and confidence to build and maintain your Customer Experience program over the long term.
Need help selecting a training program?
We can help. Get in touch with our team.

How it works

We put your training program into action, measure its success and set your team up for continuous learning.

Choose a training approach 
We offer both in person and virtual classroom Qualtrics training sessions depending on your requirements. Prefer to learn at your own pace? Have a look at Qualtrics Basecamp. 
Set up your training schedule
Set up your team for success and co-ordinate a training schedule that suits you best. Choose between 6 hours of comprehensive training or break the learning into 3 hour slots. 
Create your own learning path
Choose from modules that are relevant to your Qualtrics solution or opt for our standard curriculum to help you get your Qualtrics certification. 


Got questions? We’ve got answers.