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by | Nov 16, 2022 | Industry

It has been six months since we went live with M365, and I am super impressed by the positive impact it has had on our team’s way of working. M365 has dramatically increased the level and ease of communication within the team, improved the way people collaborate on deliverables and provided a centralised way to manage daily tasks.

However, it didn’t come easily. Like any organisation implementing new technology, we had to work hard to ensure the right level of user adoption.  

Our Process

Leading up to our go-live date we had provided information sessions to ensure people were aware of the changes coming and felt prepared for the big day. On our go-live date, we conducted an “all hands” training session so the team were up and running as quickly as possible. I believe the secret to our success is that we didn’t stop there.  

We followed our own Adoption Accelerator program (Assess, Analyse, Act) which gave us actionable insights that continued to push our user adoption in the right direction.  


We used Qualtrics to survey our team after one week of using M365. One of the most interesting questions we asked was to gauge how comfortable the team were using the new toolkit. This is the result that we got. 


We analysed the results of our Qualtrics survey and discovered there were several people who were uncomfortable using the new tools, and several areas of confusion that needed to be clarified. After using the tools daily, there was also feedback to address and tweaks to be made to our Teams configuration. 


Based on our analysis of the user adoption, we planned a four-week internal marketing campaign, CrowdCollaborationCampaign. We scheduled one information session per week in our Tuesday morning coffee catchup to address the key areas for improvement. An expert from the team was selected to present on an area and posted supporting documentation plus a recording of the meeting in our Teams channel after each meeting. Our campaign ran as follows: 

Week 1: Teams Notifications  

  • How to set up your Microsoft Teams notifications to reduce noise and to make sure you don’t miss important messages 

Week 2: Channels 

  • Understand the purpose of each channel we have set up for TTC and where to post information 
  • How to find information quickly and easily in Microsoft Teams 

Week 3: Mail & Calendar UI Settings 

  • Learn what UI settings work best and hear some expert tips on how to organise your inbox 

Week 4: Files 

  • How to log into Office 365 using your TTC account 
  • When to use Teams vs SharePoint user interface 
  • How to find files in TTC’s document storage structure 
  • General tips and tricks to manage files in M365 

Assess (Round 2) 

Following our four-week campaign, we sent out another Qualtrics survey to gauge the results. Some questions were the same as the first survey, others were different. We were extremely satisfied with the result of the question in relation to how comfortable the team were with the tools after attending our information sessions.  

What’s Next for Us  

Now that we have a unified platform to communicate and collaborate that is being used effectively by our team, our next step is to expand our use of the platform. We are working on rolling out Microsoft Planner, upgrading our Word/Excel/PPT templates and investigating the use of SharePoint pages to document and share our business processes. 

How We Can Help You 

Are you looking for ways to increase user adoption of your internal systems? One of our user adoption experts would be very excited to speak with you. Contact us now. 

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