On the Road with Stephen: Tips for Traveling During Covid

The days of hopping onto a plane to deliver in-classroom training seem like a distant memory. But not for our instructor Stephen Thorpe who’s been back at an airport lounge or two. In this Q&A, he shares a few things he’s learned about traveling and keeping safe during a challenging time.

1. Were you nervous to start traveling again? 

Stephen: In a word, Yes. There is a lot to think about when traveling at the moment. I think the nerves came from the unknown more than anything else. 

2. Did you have any expectations about traveling during COVID? Were they met?

I didn’t know what to expect, how airports would be, or even how other travellers would behave. However, I was pleasantly surprised by the steps everyone was talking to be Covid-safe. 

3. What did you learn about traveling in COVID?

The first and obvious one is; wear a mask 

All the airlines provide you with a mask and wipes as you step on the plane. It is very hard to social distance when planes are full because of the limited flights so it’s best to protect yourself and others.

QR codes are your friend

Make sure you have some charge on your smartphone, you will be filling in forms everywhere. Most restaurants, hotels and stores require you to sign in. The quickest way to do this is just taking a quick snap of the QR code and letting your Chrome browser auto-fill do the rest. 

Check your hotel policy

Before you book make sure you have read your hotel cancellation policies. This may have changed since the last time you booked accommodation. Check to see if they have policies in place that don’t allow you to stay if you have been to recent locations, or have been sick in the last couple of days. There may also be a change to how much notice you need to provide if you are canceling before a fee is charged. Understanding all these things will help you plan and save out of pocket fees if your circumstance changes.

4. Do you have any tips for business travelers? 

Buy your own mask. Not only will this help you reduce waste, but you can also get them in some really cool patterns with air filters.  I believe we are moving into a new era where people will be wearing masks if they are unwell and traveling. 

As the borders start to open up, we will be on the road again but in the meantime, most of us will have to live vicariously through Stephen’s travels.

Iona Yeung
A certified Salesforce instructor, she loves helping others make the most out of their marketing tools, especially Email Studio. She’s constantly looking for new ways to automate her marketing and has dozens of marketing funnels that continue to run themselves.


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