Case study

How they enhanced clinician efficiency with Microsoft D365

Industry: Allied health & nursing

Mater at Home migrated from the ‘DART’ platform to Microsoft D365 ‘Homer’ in April 2022. The biggest challenge they experienced, was clinicians not adapting to the new platform. This led to the engagement with TrainTheCrowd, to help Mater at Home uncover the barriers that were making it difficult for Mater at Home teams to work efficiently and effectively.

Wish we engaged with TrainTheCrowd earlier. The strategy and training they provided was exceptional and would have saved us a lot of time had we done so.

Geoff White

Associate Director, Mater at Home


TrainTheCrowd was given a system walkthrough and conducted multiple in-depth discovery sessions with Mater at Home management and with end users of Homer.

What we found was that the management team were highly motivated to solve the challenges presented by the platform, and the sentiment from users was that they felt supported and heard. However, there was a need for improved user documentation. This supports what we saw in the walkthrough that users are completing certain tasks differently, leading to inconsistencies with record keeping. It was clear the challenges to address.


As part of TrainTheCrowd’s engagement, we leveraged the expertise of a Microsoft Cloud Solution Architect to determine the best technical solutions to fix the issues identified.

TrainTheCrowd also conducted a 1-hour workshop to clinicians, covering best practice on how to perform their day-to-day job using Homer as it currently stands. Feedback from the workshops were positive and sentiment was that it was very much needed.

The overall outcome of this engagement, confirms what the business knows with some new discoveries, and a list of recommendations to improve Homer. Mater at Home has received approval funding from Microsoft to assist in bringing the recommended improvements to life.

What’s next

TrainTheCrowd will continue to support Mater at Home with any future requirements.


User confidence

Clinicians need to be 100% confident in using Homer.


Inconsistent processes

Ensure clinicians consistently enter and complete all tasks in their day-to-day jobs.


Efficiency improvement

Address issues leading to inconsistencies in record-keeping and improve overall efficiency.

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