We love hosting team events with a difference, especially in-person ones. Last week we invited our friends from Barhead Solutions, AFDigital and Adaptovate to join us. We’re big fans of Lego at TrainTheCrowd and so it was only fitting to put on our own version of the Lego Masters competition. Here are the highlights for those who missed it:  

Marty kicked off the night and just like host Hamish Blake, he had the Lego puns coming thick and fast. With Dan the Brickman by his side, the competition was close to the real deal.  

The first challenge   

Attendees were split into groups of 3-4 and were tasked with their first challenge: to come up with their own team names. Bonus points were up for grabs and the teams did not disappoint. While teams showed their creativity with names like Team Snot a Lot (a reference to a Lego building technique), New Kids on the Block and Mighty Figs, it was team WWBD (What Would Brickman Do) that won the bonus point.  

The first build 

With 50kg of Lego ready to go, the competition started with a simple challenge. Teams were tasked with an individual challenge: each team member had 15 minutes to build an animal. Dan the Brickman would then score the teams based on the average scores of each individual build. With an assortment of Lego pieces available, there was no limit to everyone’s creativity:    

Croco-Brick by Caitlin Studdert
Rainbow Serpent by Will Lyons
The Lizard by Matthew Ting

Congratulations to Jude Rajkumar from Adaptovate who built Godzilla. Dan the Brickman gave praise for her use of storytelling, use of Lego pieces and attention to detail.  

Godzilla by Jude Rajkumar

The group challenge  

After the teams refueled on a quick bite to eat, it was back to the next challenge. With the team scores being neck and neck, it was still anybody’s game. We all waited eagerly as Marty explained the rules and theme of the next challenge – the theme? There was none. Teams had 40 minutes to build whatever they could dream of. From utopian cities, music festivals to a house of horror, there was no shortage of creativity.  

Teams in action
House of Horror by the Legsperts
Springfield by WWBD (What Would Brickman Do?)
The White House at Big Day Out
Battle of the Agencies by Minifig Maruaders
Dream City by Hipsta Brixsta
Trip Around the World by Everything is Awesome
City of the Future by Adaptoheads
New Spice on the Block by New Kids on the Block
Zenland by Team Snot a Lot

The tie-breaker

It isn’t a riveting competition without a tie-breaker. Team Snot a Lot and the Mini Fig Marauders came to a tie with 17 points. Each team had to choose one person to represent their team. The challenge, build the tallest Lego tower in 30 seconds. It was a nail-biting finish but Team Snot a Lot came out on top and took home the grand prize.  

Congratulations to Jude Rajkumar, Mina Gurgis, Mark Laurence, Lisa Taylor 

A big thank you to everyone who attended. It was an amazing night because of you.