Tips to Pass the Salesforce Administrator Exam

Five Tips to Pass Your Salesforce Administrator Exam

by | Apr 22, 2021 | Product

Preparing for an exam can feel like a herculean task when it’s the Salesforce Administrator certification you’re studying for. We sat down with our resident instructor Daniel Rapaci (aka Dan the Man) to get his best tips to help you pass the exam. Having taught over 100+ Salesforce Admin classes, Dan has helped many students pass the exam with flying colours. 

Go back to the classroom

Flash cards and quizlets are often standard go-tos when preparing for an exam but not for Dan: 

“The biggest tip I have is to come to a Trailhead instructor-led training course, specifically aligned to the certification you want to achieve. If it has been a while since you attended the course, you might want to consider the certification preparation CRT 101. It’s a one day course and the ideal revision”, says Dan. 

Take a mock exam

If you want to test your knowledge, there are mock exams you can do to get the hang of sitting an exam. Both Marketing Cloud and Admin Certifications have $20 (USD) exams available on the Webassessor site (which is the same place you go to register to take your exam).

Don’t expect to get 100%

When it comes to getting that perfect score, Dan advises that passing is the top priority: 

“Prefectionists take note. You only need 40/60 for more cert exams to pass, or two out of every three questions correct. And don’t forget it is multiple choice. Aim to confidently answer two out of three questions. Be comfortable with any questions that come out of left field to test you. Treat them as part of the learning experience and do a little research after the exam on the question(s) you were unsure about”, Dan advises.

Focus on the big things

The Salesforce Administrator certification covers a lot of topics but Dan highlights: “Not all topics are worth the same in the exam, make sure to focus study and revision on the areas weighted the most. Having said that, look at the topic list on the exam guide. Anything that looks unfamiliar, you should spend a little time to explore. This is best done using the Trailhead Trailmix especially made for the cert exam which is found on Trailhead”. 

Don’t sweat the small stuff

When you’re studying for an exam, you want to cover everything there is to know but it’s best to not focus on the little things: “There are a couple of topics on exams worth 3%-5%. Which equates to 2-3 questions. Great if you know these areas well, sometimes requiring extra study or real-world experience. But don’t let it bother you or stop you attempting certification if you don’t”, says Dan. 

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