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of digital transformations don’t achieve their stated goals.

 McKinsey article – The ‘how’ transformation

Use the most powerful features

If your people are not using the most valuable features and functionality, you will never realise the full benefit of your technology investment.

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Embrace changes to your technology

Staying abreast of the latest innovations in technology can be challenging. To remain relevant, your people must not only adapt to changes but also proactively seek ways for technology to enhance their efficiency at work.

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Follow your processes with ease

Your organisation’s distinctive approach to business sets it apart. However, if your business processes aren’t easy to find and follow, there’s a risk of reduced productivity and low employee satisfaction.

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Achieve digital effectiveness

The key to achieving digital effectiveness is being strong in 3 critical areas.

  • People: build an enthusiastic, engaged and digitally savvy team
  • Platforms: maximise the value and capability of your technology
  • Processes: achieve consistent and universally applied ways of working

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How Mater at Home increased their digital effectiveness.


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