We take time to understand your application, your business and your end users.

Your organisation may have powerful tools, but are you using them effectively?

That’s where we come in.

Digital Adoption Agency

Defining your needs

This is how we get to know every corner of your business to find out exactly what needs to be addressed and how.


The ideal way to get started is to conduct a series of discovery workshops to uncover the adoption and training needs of each person in your team. 


Once your team’s needs have been identified, we’ll determine the right combination of adoption and training activities to empower them now and in the future.


The key to success is a solid design. We create a detailed design for each deliverable which is reviewed and approved by you. It provides you with comfort that we have understood your requirements and ensures we’re on the same page before development starts.

Developing Your Content

Now that we know your team and business inside out, we develop the learning program that has been designed for your business and its needs.


Your team need an awareness of the change and the benefit your cloud application will bring to their day-to-day role. We will create the desire to adopt by helping your team understand the value of the change so that your business will get a return on investment. 


It is our role to ensure your team have the skills, knowledge and confidence to perform their role effectively using the cloud application so that your business meets its objectives and achieves success. We create learning content aligned to your cloud application and relevant to each team member


Most people forget 70 percent of training content by the next day. It is important to engage your team on an ongoing basis. We develop and implement a customised user engagement plan to ensure your team adopt your cloud application and future changes to it.

Delivering Your Solution

We provide each employee with a personalised learning journey.

Getting the team together is always a valuable experience and training is a great excuse to do so. We offer both in person and virtual classroom sessions depending on your requirements. Do your team need extra support? Our experts are available to spend time 1:1 with your team at their desks to help them get up to speed faster.
Do you have your own team of instructors? Let’s work together. We can run a train-the-trainer style workshop to upskill your team to deliver the solution. We run through the content at an appropriate pace, your team review the content, then each trainer does a teach back until they are comfortable to deliver alone.

Training content that is delivered in a self-paced learning environment will be published in your learning tool of choice. Our team also specialise in delivering content through in-application learning tools and digital adoption platforms.


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